Project Managers have a demanding role. They need to be leaders, managers, advisors, coaches, diplomats, negotiators, facilitators, planners and motivators…to name just a few. With that in mind, even the most seasoned Project Managers would benefit from coaching and mentoring.

What are the benefits of Project Coaching and Mentoring (PCM)?

1. It’s all about you

Coaching is a very personal approach to training. It can be adapted to suit your learning styles and personality to make sure you get the most from the experience.

2. It’s ‘just in time’

Sitting down with a coach each week/month allows you to address the real and present issues you’re facing. You can work through live projects and get clarity on a current problem.

3. Can help you be a better coach

By having coaching sessions, you will have a better understanding of how it works and how it can be applied to project management.

4. Not just coaching – a bit of mentoring too

Where appropriate coaches can switch to be a mentor to help work through a problem. While a coach will challenge you and ask questions to get a different perspective, a mentor will use their knowledge and experience to suggest alternative solutions.

5. It’s a safe space to gain perspective 

Coaching gives you the space and time to talk to an unrelated party to share ideas and concerns. There’s no judgement, agenda or opinion that could make it difficult to talk openly.

6. Helps build personal awareness

Knowing your strengths and weakness helps you grow as an individual. Coaching makes you aware of what you need to work on, benefiting the whole project team.

7. It’s cost effective

As an individualised plan, coaching focuses on the issues at hand. Training courses are fantastic for wider knowledge and practises, but coaching gives you the focused help you need.

8. Efficient use of your time 

The delivery can be adapted to be flexible to your calendar. This could be face-to-face sessions, phone or video calls. Your coach can also often be available at the end of the phone in case of a crisis.

9. It encourages innovation

By its very nature coaching encourages innovation as you are challenged to investigate new ways of doing things. As you work through an idea with your coach, you will be innovating and developing an innovative culture within your team.

10. It’s highly motivational

During the coaching process individuals grow and understand themselves more. As these changes become evident, you will become inspired to drive the project forward.

Whether you’re a seasoned Project Manager, just starting out in your career or a Manager who has recognised the need for coaching within your team, get in touch to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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