The Importance Of Asking Questions

Our Director, Steve, recently talked about “orientar”….We weren’t too sure what he was talking about, maybe the Christmas cheer had got to him, so we asked him to elaborate for us: This time of year, I’m reminded that there was a time - admittedly a very...

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Risk Management and Project Success

Being aware of risk in a project is imperative if you want your project to be a success….and what Project Manager wouldn’t want that! But why bother with risk management? fewer nasty surprises less stress more efficient use of resources reduced over-spend...

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Open University Wins PMO Of The Year 2017!

We always love to see our clients doing well, and this might just take top spot! The Open University recently won the first ever APM PMO of the Year award. We have been running project management training for OU staff since 2009 and are very proud of how...

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What Makes A Project Successful?

We’re often asked what are the key factors that make or break a project. While we don’t believe there is a magic formula for project success, there certainly are key ingredients needed to keep a project on track. Communication …or should we say open...

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Top Ten Tips for Project Managers

We’re often asked what our top tips for project managers would be, and so we caught up with our Director Steve Kendall to get his ideas to help all budding and existing project management professionals: Be clear about objectives By making sure you have a...

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