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RM Case Study

A passion for educational projects

RM plc is the UK's leading provider of commercial education services. The Group's first educational microcomputer was launched in 1977, and schools, colleges and universities have formed the core of their business ever since. In recent years RM has expanded its services to include interactive whole-class teaching services, teacher training, ICT-based needs assessment and school management information systems. RM employs more than 1,800 staff, has sales of over £260 million and has shipped well over 1 million computers.

RM plc has used a project-based approach for all new products, services, and improvements right from the start, and has developed an excellent reputation within the UK project management world as a centre of excellence.

Oxford Projects have worked with RM plc for over 10 years, designing and delivering customised project management training, to over 700 staff, and facilitating management workshops. These training courses were developed in partnership with the Project Managers at RM and Angela Sherwood from the Training and Development Team, resulting in an assignment-based approach to in-company learning.

Russell Govan, RM’s Human Resources Director, has supported this programme from the start said,"good Project Management is integral to RM’s philosophy and our success. We would not entrust PM training to just any supplier. Oxford Projects have earned our trust and respect by consistently delivering what we want. That is why they are our supplier of choice".

Rob Sirs - Group Products & Services Director -who has been directly involved with the courses, commented "For me, project management is one of RM's key core competencies - fundamental to our past & future success. It is becoming even more critical as we bid for & win more strategic projects and broaden the set of activities in which we are involved. Oxford Projects have been a key partner to RM over 10 years in developing our project management capabilities - thank you."